How to Play Video Poker

Video poker may seem fairly straightforward, but it's distinctly different from playing a hand of Texas Holdem or Omaha. It can be a fun and profitable game, but it pays to learn the rules.

Start With A Bet

The first step to starting a game of video poker is actually split into two parts. The first consists of entering the money to be wagered in the video poker machine or the player's account if the game is based online. There are generally $5, $25, and $100 chips. The second step is for the player to place his or her bet. This will be based on the credit size, the bet the player wishes to place, and possibly the minimum bet required to qualify for jackpots or payouts.

Next, Deal a Hand

The next step to take is dealing a hand. The basics are similar to other poker varieties in that five cards are dealt to the player and he or she has to try and build the strongest hand possible based on the cards in the hand and the ones that are discarded and received. Once the hand is complete, the player will receive a payout if the hand is a winner or be able to start a new hand if it is not.

Anything Else to Know?

There is a variety of buttons and actions that can be performed on a video poker game, most of which are self explanatory. Most games will have bet one, deal, and bet max buttons, but others may have game-specific actions. Let's make a quick bet. Head over to the front page and buy your casino play ticket. Press the play button on the poker francais page. You'll get to see some of the nicest casino games. It's all worth the effort. For these, it will pay to read the rules and pay table for each individual game. Many video poker variants can also include mini games and other ways to increase bonuses and pay outs, each of which will be explained in the pay tables.

Video poker, both online and in land based casinos, is a fast paced and exciting way to spend time and money. Wherever a player chooses to make his or her bets, the games are always fun and potentially profitable.

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